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HyperWhistle was founded on the original intent of creating a louder, more ambient handheld device for the purposes of those who may need one. We were sought out from the request of flight launch crews on decks of US Aircraft carriers, to create a whistle loud enough to hear over the idling jets at 125 dB.

After more than 2.5 years of engineering effort ensued to arrive the world's most efficient and powerful mouth blown whistle. HyperWhistle was designed to easily out perform the existing loud whistles on the market by more than 10 decibels.

HyperWhistle is part of the bigger family of products called HyperSpike. A well versed Acoustic Haling devices used around the world to protect ARMY, MILITARY, NAVY, NASA launch pads, and much more.

HyperWhistle is much of the same thing, just miniature, and handheld for the everyday use of civilians. We make it our focus to engineer the best, most reliable products on the market, so that when needed its always available.

HyperWhistle has now broke way into the commercial world and released many more products complimenting the outdoor enthusiast.



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  • 142+ dB Output

  • Anti-Microbial Composite, All-Weather Construction

  • Up to 2 Miles of Usable Range

  • Patented Design US8925478

  • Unique Radial Tri-Frequency Design

  • Naturally Buoyant

  • Works in All Weather Environments, Including Underwater


The Tri-Frequency Design is the key to our Whistle's Output. We have carefully engineered a specific frequency for each chamber and in all unison they are harmonic's of the same note. HyperWhistle has patented this design. With this idea, HyperWhistle is able to reach a much higher output, up to 3x the amount of the normal Mouth-Blown Whistle.

Image by Drew Beamer

Chamber One:

Air Flow In

Orng Whistle.webp

Single Output

*Patented Design

Chamber Two:

Chamber Three:

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