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Truly a tool in a class all by itself, the HyperPulse™ from Wattre Corporation sets the new standard for anti-riot and behavioral modification. The HyperPulse™ is a three sensory non-lethal "flash, bang and push" platform designed to disorientate and neutralize your target.

Boasting an adjustable 150 -180+ dB output, the HyperPulse™ is a powerful device platform that will enhance military and security personnel’s response capabilities. User adjustable output level and firing rate allow for escalation of projected force deterrence, meeting the needs of security personnel in varied applications.

With the emitter head weighing only 25 lbs. (11.3 kg), the rugged, all metal construction is easily transported and withstands extreme maritime and desert environments.

Tripod or vehicle adaptable mounts allow for versatile integration into mobile platforms and fixed installations. Fuel consumables are commonly found and are readily available in nearly all geographic locations

HyperPulse R-1.jpg
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