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175+ dB
NPDD Lgog.png


NPDD™, Non Pyro Diversionary Device is the newest device in the Wattre Inc. Portfolio of products designed to provide advanced tools to the Mission of Defense and Police efforts.

NPDD provides a concussion wave (Bang) roughly equivalent in power to the commonly used Stun Grenade and as a bonus can carry a payload of highly effective PAVA  pelargonic acid vanillylamide incapacitant powder as a secondary less lethal effector.


NPDD provides an all weather disruptor that can be utilized in rooms, corridors or even wide open areas to affect an area of up to 7m radius. It is packed with it’s powerful 175+db concussion wave and very large area of incapacitant PAVA cloud which can be extremely effective at area denial or modification of Intent to persons in the targeted area of use.

Small and simply in design the NPDD can also be reloaded for re-use once triggered providing a low cost per shot option for the novel product, and an ability to switch up from 1. training round to 2. Bang only or 3. Bang with PAVA at a moments notice for the user.

As a Non-Pyro based Diversionary device the unit does not utilize perchlorates or any type of flaming materials to create the bang, so it is inherently safer for use when compared to the typical stun grenade which has been plagued with fire hazards during useage.

The NPDD is safe for use in Maritime boarding’s where the freight contents or conditions of a craft in operation can present a flash fire or explosion hazard precluding the safe use of conventional explosive flame based stun grenade devices.

NPDD High Bang.png

Dimensions: 19 cm L x 3.8 cm D

Weight: 12.6 oz when loaded

NPDD High Bang.png
NPDD Inert Powder.png
NPDD P5.png

High Bang


High Bang + PAVA 5%

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