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Wattre Inc. is a corporation that develops and licenses its Intellectual Property (IP). Wattre Inc. is an Indiana based company formed in 2002 and is driven with solving persistent challenges with novel technology innovations across the globe, bringing a team of masterminds of technology together.


Noted programs based upon Mr. Graber’s innovations are used throughout Military, Defense, and Consumer markets around the globe such as: US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Allied Nations and Civil government spaces including US State Dept for the protection of our US Embassies and staff.

Mr. Graber and his associates were awarded the Northrup Grumman R&D Innovators of the year for 2014 with novel developments in a DARPA program tied to an urgent need’s effort for the US Government.


Thousands of Lives are saved each year with the US Army C-RAM HyperSpike program, an advanced warning system for all forward operations basses.

Many more Innovations cover the globe and help protect and ensure safety of Millions of Lives.

Wattre Inc. is the team that challenges illogical problems, and brings together a foundational solution.

Meet The Founder

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Curtis Graber

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> Founder, CEO

        Mr. Graber’s Work career began in the electronics service sector and on to founding multiple privately held corporations that spans thirty-three years.  Entrepreneurship and innovation have provided him experiences in leadership and system architect opportunities in: Aerospace, Defense and Life Safety markets.


  He is a world acclaimed inventor with 59 US patents issued and 23 additional currently pending issue.  Advanced magnetics, Advanced acoustics and Cryptography are just a few of the noted subjects covered in his portfolio and innovations of technology. In essence he self-defines as a student of all sciences.


Mr. Graber is a noted “Acoustics contract scientist” for NASA with having developed all broad area communications systems within the Kennedy Space Center facilities and Launch pads.


  Additional work with NASA includes the SASS II Sonic Whisper, a sonic boom laboratory system utilized in the development and testing of target waveforms in the Sonic Boomless Business Jet development program on-going since 2004.


       Innovator and strategic businessman coupled with a visionary savvy has provided Mr. Graber the opportunity to travel the globe in the support of new products production and integration based upon his patented technologies.

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